Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ways to fast-track getting over him or her

Where to start

Just stopping to think about that person is not going to help you get over someone. However, here are some other ideas that will help you turn a corner when you want to know how to get over someone you really like.

Being emotional costs loads of energy, so you are going to need to look for ways to ensure that your body and mind are nurtured, to counter-balance that heavy expenditure and build your inner strength.

Limit your drinking with self-hypnosis - too much alcohol makes a huge demand on Vitamin B, which is vital in dealing with stress
Take plenty exercise: aerobic exercise is great, particularly outdoors. Fast walking for half an hour a day or at least five times a week will do the trick
Calm your mind easily and effectively with a hypnosis download. You won't believe how relaxed you can be and you will be in far more able to think clearly and stop those unwelcome thoughts going round and round

If you could reclaim all the energy that you have been investing in obsessing about this person, what could you achieve?

Many people get into relationships to forget about the pain and the problems in their lives. If you managed to become less dependent on the relationship you will certainly get over breakups faster. Learn how to face life problems instead of escaping to a relationship and your life will be much better

Kill hope, convince your mind that its over and get rid of your limiting beliefs and you will discover that you are getting over the person faster than expected.