Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Every difficult situation we go through in life makes us stronger and  being fearless willingness to face the fact
Life is full of learning and lessons. No matter how much you learn, there is a lot which is still needed to be discovered.or learn about. You really have to open yourself and gather the new information and knowledge to make advancements in the life ahead. No one can say that they “know it all”. There are more horizons out there to be discovered and till the moment you die, you cannot give up. experience in order to grow into a stronger person

It is not only the information about things and life that counts rather it is the experience which matters the most. You learn a lot about something till you experience it. You discover many more aspects of certain things while you go through it. It is not only about the philosophical understandings of life but the practical part is also something which matters. Important life lessons are realized through your experience.

A one big fact that you need to realize is that you can’t have it all. It is true that human wants are never ending but there will always be someone else out there who will possess more than you. It is not only about the material things, but it can be the knowledge, the experience, the good attitude, anything that you have, the next person can be at a better place than you. So in order to be strong you must learn that it is all about your journey and your dedication, the other things with other people don’t matter much.

Another important life lesson that makes us stronger is the realization of the fact that you cannot change whatever has happened in the past. You must understand the basic philosophy of everything happens for a reason and you have to move ahead with all the experiences gained in the past. Living or thinking about the past may not be very helpful. You will always have to look ahead and move on. A new beginning is something which is desirable and not the ending that you have left behind.

Your life is about how you feel and react to your own self. It is said that happiness comes from within. So your happiness is purely dependent upon you. It is your own self who can make you what you are. External factors surely play a significant role in effecting your moods and approach but if you realize the fact that your happiness and the good feeling is solely dependent on yourself, then you might be able to live and survive in this world with clear thought and mind.