Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dating  Multiple Guys at once
It’s always a good idea to keep your options open
Dating several men is a good way to be able to find the perfect guy for you but
Is it worth to hurt someone good who doesn't deserve to be hurt
: its all about you and having fun finding your mate until you realize what you did or say to someone who is a great person
 There are some associated rules with dating multiple men .or women at the same time.so learned what it's before heading there cuz.If one gets bad
You ill be hurt and it ill affect your mood and thrust .
because you will develop feeling to some of them and if they know you are seeing other guys even if they develop feeling for you they ill avoid you.and you'll end up losing them all if you are not lucky enough.my point is to be careful Simply.treat others as you yourself would like to be treated, lesson learned