Sunday, March 31, 2013

little secret how to train yourself healthy eating
kale and bok choy chopped on my eggs or with my smoothies fresh not pooled
My favorite smoothie is kale bok choy rappini  banana and  3% Milk just perfect  for the morning or anytime you feel like it. not  frozen staff.. fresh is what we need as much as we can get
I love sunflower oil and cook with my food ..I eat anytime I want but not too much
i run a ten minute in the morning ten more minute in the evening when i have my coffee before i eat anything else   thats why 
I don't think about food calories
I don't eat or drink Sodas
cookies, muffins,too much breads pasta, and breakfast cereals  Potato chips; Ice cream;
that's how i stay skinny and healthy thanks and enjoy being healthy and happy Hd