Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love is not something that can be easily explained. and you don't truly know what it is until it happens to you. Love is not wanting to have sex with someone. Thats lust.

Love is when you can't imagine life without him. It's getting butterflies in your stomach at the mention of his name or the sound of his voice. Its when you'll do anything just to catch a glance of his car or his house because you know he's there. Or even that he's not there. But because it is proof that he exists when you can't imagine yourself being this lucky.

Love is when you wake up every morning and have to look at your phone and look at your saved messages to make sure that he isn't just a dream. Because you feel like even you don't deserve someone this amazing.

Love covers flaws and makes you love someone for who they really are and accept their mistakes.

Love hurts.

Love is when you say "i love you" and its not enough. Because it feels like more then that.

Love changes you.

Love lets you trust someone with everything. Yourself, your possesions, your life.