Saturday, January 26, 2013

he said to me

Hi how are you?you are very beautiful. I am just very curious if it hurt...........................when you fell from heaven!!!!!!!
I know very lame but I hope it got your attention. Knowing what someone wants in life is not as good as, what one makes happen in their life. Also, getting lost into a song with someone that makes music better
So a little about me,I live life large!!I laugh and I am always having fun,I value family very much.I am a very active kinda guy who likes to travel and explore nature it is a thing of beauty so I enjoy it.I am an honest man who knows that honesty and open communication are key to a solid foundation for any relation,I treat as I would like to be treated,I believe in what goes around comes around.I have a big heart with lots to offer,you know its the little things that make your heart swell with fondness,the small touches of kindness,the pleases and thank yous,the looks of tenderness that go along way to making a love grow greater and stronger something unforgetable a love like no other is what I long for and one day.....I will find her.I am looking for a lady with a big heart who likes to have fun and savour the finer things in life,I want to spoil my princess with flowers,chocolates,jewels and best of all little notes telling her how special she is to me and that I appreciate the small things in know the best things in life are free may it be a smile or a sweet gesture or a surprise picnic for 2 under the sunset or a walk along the boardwalk holding hands under the glistening of the stars while listening to the rippling of the waves as the breeze blows through our hair..... I am a romantic at heart looking for my princess maybe your her?I need a spark but I would prefer fireworks time is so precious this second only happens once so lets do it right the first time!I will know when I find her when I get weak in the knees when I see her...and my heart skips a beat when I hear her voice and I melt when she touches me!!!!Call me Mr Sappy that is who I am...someone who is real!!