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hard love store
through story between Layla and Mike,
Layla was a girl who leaves saylac in Somalia she is a girl with great personality nice sweet not shallow and only care of her looks. She hugs a lot. She is intelligent has A big heart .loves animals and the ocean She has dark brown hair and eyes her body is gorgeous tall skinny amazing shape long legs tiny Waist she is mostly always around by the water .she lives this old house with Beautiful sunsets and magnificent view out over the sea with mother Elhan and father Guled they have a farm same cow Sheep and goats she helps a lot with the animals and close to them she play with them like they are baby she takes them sometimes to the mountainous she is very close to them and in the afternoon they sleep and she sleeps with them ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
mike is really attractive a guy with a sense of humor he is manly, but have a gentle side he listen and supportive he is Confident ,and comfortable of who he is
he leaved town called Harrison, in New York the rich tradition he’s learned from the church, the tradition that says respect others and help those in need he was really unusual, not the typical guy cruising the beach. He is a cute He was friendly, not just to her, but to everyone, to children who ran by on the beach, But he always seemed to hold a part of himself back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
when they met . At the beach. In saylac ocean
in Somalia
Mike and his friends Jones are from USA
they were visiting Djibouti for work as PSI. Healthy .Lives
means . is a global non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world.
when they said since we are here so far away :let's go and look for more adventure so as they did to islands Jones said I am super excited to have the opportunity to experience here
to see what it’s like to go backpacking in Somali where people normally don’t come
mike said Sounds like another epic adventure is about to begin yea
when he met Lela one day in saylac
he said hi .
She doesn't speak English so she didn't know what he say she starts speaking her language .but he didn't understand her either "Anyway, one thing led to another she is beautiful he was interested to know her ,he said It is January of work and I got three weeks off
so she said in her language some ,waligay ma arkin dadkan oo kale dolow xagebay kayimaden ama ay uu socdan miyan idinwaydinkara sual maxad radineysan ama xage usocotan
which he didn't understand
they keep on talking and playing around and flirting ,You may think she know nothing about flirting, but yet, when mike shows her that he like her , she’d instinctively start to behave differently and was attracted to him .
He ask her Don’t you think you felt different all of a sudden? Or its just me
she smile really excited Being nice to him and try to be friends with him
he keep on saying you are so gorgeous stunning girl
yaa maxatiri ood shegeysa wanku arka in ad iso gogodineysidee yaa
what is so amazing is how people can easily understand each other
even when they don't speak the same language
she was very curious about his Color in his hair and eyes he had blown hair Grey eyes. she thought there was something wrong with him
but He later said he didn't mind by her looking at him like that
tmike is friend Jones ask so what are you guys talking about,
if she doesn't speak English. How are you understanding her
and you need to know This is all the more reason to be open to beautiful women of different ethnicities. But before you date outside your ethnic circle, there are two calling cards you must possess. One is a polite sensitivity to different cultural values, and the other is a confidence in your own racial identity so that sexual rejection won’t feel like racism.

he said Never mind look at her. It is very, easy for me to understand a beautiful women like her. I am the alpha male within the area to her
Jones said ya ha ha you are the alpha male and you understand how to attract beautiful women. You know the the secret is to stand out by not kissing her ass, acting needy You need to lose your old beta male characteristics. And be yourself
mike said you are jealous because I sow her first relax , it's probably a good
Jones said. You have to believe that you're the best lover that she will ever have. With every woman I've have ever slept with, I have always believed that I will be her best lover -- period.
make sure that you stay active in your interests .mike said thank man leave it to me now
So she left she said dee koley watdalantihine sijoga ahalkan wan idin solabene iyo waxan so qabankaro after a while.
she came back and brings her friends and food.
They stay there the night in the boat had a lot of fun at the beach .dance.
Their was a lot off attraction between Mike and Lela
their bout needed fixing so they there for week
he wanted to stay little bit more so he can spent some time with her.
So he asked his friend can we stay.
I'm really into enjoy here
they told him The bout is almost ready that is all you got make it worth
She doesn't understand a word you say. anyway
she's beautiful .but we can't take her with us.
And you're not going to stay here.
Mike .Yeah, She won't understand a word I am saying phrase I 'won't take no for an answer' which gives meaning to how I feel we spent last few days and it went so fast
Jones You've never called anyone baby before. Suddenly you're starting to blush
Now, you're blushing *and* you've got and erection. No-one's got enough
Mike. I haven't had sex for while now. The engines secret weapon has to come back to work. Are you talking about love thought . we just having a good time. I most certainly like her and values her friendship from what I say .At the moment we both perhaps LOVE being with each other and are attracted to each other. Maybe that is all we are going to know for now There's not enough said for time being a factor for love. Time can prove a lot of the elements needed for us
it's almost a week.
They were there and his friends had enough of saylac
then ask him
if you want to stay its up to you
But tonight will be our last night here
And in the morning we had go to
because we are running out of everything, so he said okay ,
in that evening time around six she came to see him
They sat on the beach and look out at the beautiful sunset and that's when he slightly touches her hand and neck during their conversation touching her back in emotional situations and simply hold her tight in romantic moments. they start looking each others eyes and kiss touching he shifted he position himself to her ,he had unexpected pleasure of kissing her to both touch and sight. With lips and tongue he teased and delighted, till he was helpless he move forward, lifting her leg to him. making out
a cry of pleasure escaping her eyes she just as easily make his heart race by tantalizingly removing her clothes he smiled to himself as he remembered how he had wanted to do this the very first time he saw her ,and they have one of the best time,
After that she left. Because she never did any thing like that in her life before. It's so strange to her
she's 20 years old feelings
she had was shocking to her,
because in the town where she leaves
she never had the experience
she didn't know about love
anyway in the morning. He thought
there's no way she's going to understand me and what I am telling her,so it's just better.
If we go. Without letting her know
he couldn’t believe everything that his mind was telling him
especially being wrong to her
and he was telling himself-defeating. You are better than that. Oh my god. But I cant stay here
they left he keep on looking back
Jones said to him The moment you stop trying so hard is the moment you accept and embrace the realty she is from here and you can’t stay here
she came back but they already gone, she sat there all day As the sun lights go down. She won't leave
she was very sad She knows outside her little world dream has come to end and she is never going to see him again She misses his gentle touch And the way he make her laugh so she start to laugh her self and cry at the sometime She's thankful that she had time with him She sits alone on that same old place
it was too difficult for her to understand the situation she was in
and she can't tell anybody
it takes a long time for her feel normal again three
months later she started getting sick vomiting nausea fever,
her family thought, she might have malaria,
but she was pregnant,
by the time she was six months pregnant
she can't hide it anymore, the family ask her.
Why is your stomach so big,
well she said maybe that's why I am sick,
and they said , they ask them self .
even though we don't know what is her sickness
there's only one way why she's formatting and not eating good
we just have to wait and see what happens next.
So her stomach gets big and bigger
until one day she take long walks on the beach. She take deep breaths of the fresh sea air thinking of him if she ever gonna see him again when suddenly she began to feel some very irregular light pains she was considering it was nothing the pains were irregular and far apart An hour later the pains weren't going away. Her water broke in the middle of no where and no one around to help her
the contracting start painfully she sat on the edge of rock and push to ride out the next contraction which was strong, intense and breathtaking unlike anything she ever experienced before
she unable to move. And began to worry
she had the uncomfortable thought that she is not going to make it
she began shaking and sweating heavily the transition, where the cervix is fully dilated and are ready to push. She ripped off her big scarves began to panic she dropped to her knees point her legs up and Lie down on her back push
she was helpless not able to stop her body from pushing. Feeling enormous pressure , she put her hand between her legs and was pretty sure that she could feel the baby's head and pull the baby out Wrap the baby with her scarves breast feed the baby just bit it was dark so she slowly walk to home
and then bring the baby home,
her father said
that is what I thought,
he asked her
who is the father.
She is bleeding allover her legs She said I don't know,
he explained to her. Did you do anything like this with Man,
she said yes
they look at the baby and the baby is light skin with grey eyes very light brown hair.
And they were shocked why is the baby so light
well because they never saw white people before in their life
didn't even know if white people exist in the world
they asked her
she said I think he looks like his father,
the father Guled said oh my God
I am so ashamed and embarrassed how can I face my friends and the Town that I leaved all this time you shamed my name and family
I don't want to see you just get out of my house
I don't care where you go
Elhan her mother said. she is not going anywhere. I'm sure no one will hate you. Or her Humans make mistakes and we are allowed to as long as we learn from them You do NOT deserve any criticism everyone makes mistakes. and
if she lives now she just had the baby she was very sick with no food and no care she's going to die and the baby
she can stay in her room but will never come out again ,the mother take her a side and said These tears are going nowhere lela. You've got to get yourself together. You just made your biggest mistake there is a lot of hard work ahead of you so be responsible for your actions your father ill come around he just mad now
and her father said okay let her stay but I am done with her,remove her way from me
elhan said okay. They went in the room then Lela said
I'm really sorry mom about everything I just wanted to tell someone. I couldn’t tell anyone else for shame and fear that you will hate me I was too naive I couldn't help the way I felt for him
the mother said If you wish I would like to be with you and will help you daily and make you to come out of this. OK
Elhan ask her where is he and how this happened
,she said I don't know, where he is
I met him at the beach, it was hot When he turns to my side and walk I laughed
I felt different vibe. It’s just so calm and peaceful and happy
We were chilling in the island breeze he
Got my heart up in his hands, what a beautiful man
he would listen to me patiently
tears appeared in her eyes as she was talking about him
but he's not there
he came with big bout and must left with it ,


mike and Jones
they went back to Djibouti after while their work was finish so they went back to new york
and later on when he eventually begin his old life ‘
Mike sow July .moths later July who was his friend from college they start their journey as friends .July hey how are you mike long time where have you been I remembered a wonderful gift you gave me a couple months a go
mike I went Africa to Do charity work? Have you ever been to Africa?
July no but I want to go,
mike I have same photographs in the house they are really worth looking at they give you a feeling of actually being there. when ever you are free .July ya a absolutely would love to see them .here is my number so tell me all,
mike when I was there I saw a kid sitting on his own.
I walked up and gave him half of my lunch , and he ran away.
Secretly following him around the corner, I saw him break it into small pieces and share it with his whole friends July wow that s really nice!!!! nut do u ever consider yourself a stalker?mike not really but I want to know where he was going just to see if his save ,July I would do the same everyone is hungry and greediness is not acceptable. Really cute ,mike it was more amazing than can expressed
I still see the all time I was there But mostly I just see hope, and it feels good -anyway I have to run but come by ,July for sure bye next day he call her they went out for coffee
they Enjoying time in Starbucks they hang out a few more time and get little crush on each others when he later develop a genuine felling for her the friendship has developed to the point where they live together now and they have started loving it doing thinks together more. The first few times they went out to dinner as a group, with some other people from his work, but now they have started doing things together, just the two of them. July said I'm very happy about us, but I have admit I do love you .mike I absolutely feel the same way after being together they spend a lot of time together. Over the years 4 years July met Alex briefly once when they bumped into each other at the concert, but not enough to get an idea of what kind of person he was. a few weeks latter they she sow him and start talking exchange phone number he ask her out they went out to dinner and movie together one night .mike was not happy about this but she assured him that they are just friends and he has nothing to worry about. They went out to the movies, she came home and again assured him that they are just friends. Now
that weekend she went to a party at Alex house with some other of his friends, he was not invited. Mike start to feel jealous. he asked her lots of questions about her new friend, probably too many questions, and have found out that they email each other a few times a week and text each other a few times a week. she says she will probably continue to see him outside every week or 2. he doesn't seem to be interested in getting to know her, he has never asked her anything about him.
Mike this is what I'm worried about. he have suggested to July that they only do group things, until his is more comfortable with the situation or get to know him. It frustrates him . she sow it as being controlling. Mike I think that if two people are together, they should be able to hang out with friends of the opposite sex. However, going out alone on a movie date I don't know about that. You should at least meet him when I am with you This really bother me when you routinely hanging out with him one-on-one when I don't even know who he is. This is definitely how affairs start. So if is what you want just tell me and I will make it easy for you she said I don’t know ,he said then we are done until you who you want ,July walk out and left for days and she didn’t call him he went over to see her and , he came her mother house to find July naked on the living room floor with Alex. she said I'm so so sorry that you have to see me like this what are doing here anyway,he said it doesn’t mater does it go back to him , .she said It's not your fault at all and you shouldn't feel like it I wasn't trying to hart you
then he run out so emotional he spent the next week
in the apartment, packing up his stuff he talk to his friend nojan about it and nojan said to him Now you know who she really is.
You didn't deserve to find out the way you did. And you didn't deserve to be lied to and cheated on.
Probably one of the last things you want to think about is getting tested for STD s, but think about adding it to your list of things to do.
what goes around comes around she ill buy the price another day ,mike said.
thanks a lot man ,We have learned a lot from experience about how to handle some of the ways we fool ourselves but this was not one of them Now it behooves to me, of course, all this time I was freaking out she was looking around Alex."Okay, I was really confused And to be honest, I have seen it happen she has been acting a distant, and I was just getting weird vibes. Nojan,said. Okay, I’m gonna let you in on something that every girls looking for now money fashion, beauty and if you are not their dog then they look others careful
Mike said. anyway thank you for being my friend I am gonna go home now I ill see you Tomorrow
nojan yaa take it easy, mike, in his apartment as he sat at his desk was looking through the pictures of them, when find a picture of him and Lela he start think of her and how he left her with out even telling her/ he goes to bed but Every time he closed his eyes there she is .He let his mind fill with thoughts of her all the good times they have He loved her but was to emotionally stunted to admit that to her. She deserved better than me he said,in the morning he was suppose to look for apartment but couldn’t take the feeling of being guilty then he said .what am I looking apartment for I need to go back and find her and apologize to her face to face I honestly had feelings for her before that/ he buy ticket online and back to Djibouti ,
4years and half later he came back looking for her but he never knew where she leaves
he asked everybody but couldn't find her four days of looking he is completely exhausted-until one day he sow one of her friend muna he remember her last time he was in saylac
and he asked her hi how are you I am mike I am looking for Lela do you know where I can find her
she said, yes come I show you. he came with her
but she told him,
her parents are not allowed her to go out so it would be easy if I go there first and call her outside, he said sure, of course
she went inside and asked her mother hi how are you,
the mother reply I fine how are you, she asked where is Lela
in her room she said,
so muna went in there
and told her, Mike is outside and he's waiting for you
but you have to be careful not to make a noise
Lela freaked out excited but also mad she was not supposed to go out ,
and her son was sleeping so she went out from the back door
and met him, all she can say when she
sow him was crying and she slapped him and pushed him. she crying into his shirt. Fortunately,she was fragile for all the thinks she went through please listen to me, I've been looking for you for day now I realize something I ow you big time apology In recent days think of what I did to you and I have to come here in person to apologize in all respects. So I admit it... I WAS WRONG please forgive me " he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him she looked up at him tears forming in her eyes He looked at her and said you are most wonderful girl I have met she touched his cheek kiss him and start talking her language, though he didn't understand but at least. He could understand some of the words she was saying she said ,wait here. He said sure. She go back inside the house
and wake up her son and bring him out
and show to him and he was very surprised
and shocked and sorry start crying holding his son he said oh my God how wonderful to meet you my son I would never know you if didn’t come back I am so glad I did
now to explain what I want to say to you
I bring my Somali English dictionary he said
come with me. I know you think it not my place to say this but I can take care of you and mikel so please Don't tell your family we go to Djibouti
she said You have no idea how much I go through the last few years after all this time you expect me to say OK
He didn’t say a word he would take a step back, then twist his hands and wrists and said This was perhaps wrong
she said where are you taking us and why- you left me even before. He said I am very sorry I come back for you , I only know you short time and you were real to me the all time I see forever when I look at you that is why I am here
I couldn't stop thinking of you .
I love you,So here we are face to face and my is heart bouncing come with me.
She said if I go with you how can I understand you, he showed the book this is a Somali English dictionary we will help each other to understand and stay together
she said I'm very scared of what might happen in the future
I don't know that much about you
he said its okay to be afraid. but we have to keep hoping and and trying our best even when we're afraid"I’m attracted to you so strongly,You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life
she said if you take me and Michael ,I want try these because of you and Michael he needs to get know you /will you not take me so far
he said sure, we'll just go to Djibouti, she said okay.
She didn't tell her family and they left --
they came to Djibouti rent the house and leave there it was difficult at the first but they slowly get use to it Lela ask have you think of me at all ,mike said "Yes, my mind was wandering. I wished I was there with you ,you bring peace to my heart I couldn’t spend a little time without being afraid that i would lose you the next day but Lela "It isn't expectations that carry us forward, it's our desire to go on and now that you are here that s what I can only ask for .mike "With love, there are no rules. my heart decides to be with you and what it decides is all that really matters/. Lela The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. And I am in it wow its hard to believe when you left I was lost to me it was like dream and I wake up but the drama was real and I have to live it,/mike Memories are strange things. Some are so incredibly clear, probably because I 've thought about you a thousand times. I thought I could never be with you because saylac wasn’t where I wanted to be and that is your home but the more think about it the more I wanted to be with you I can’t ignore that ,Lela I love the ordinary life probably because I am just simple and I Let my guard down wherever.
mike ya Just once I want my heart to lead me somewhere where there's a chance of being happy It all comes down to that one person you always think about before you fall asleep at night and that is you my love .people look at us a lot here ,Lela ya because we different and they are not use to this but we can give them time to know us, Mike /I believe I'm worth coming' home to so
kiss me all night, People will always talk about us here, so we might as well give them something to talk about. we are the new thing ,Mike you are not like the girls any other girl I feel like a man when I am with you I am great full I love you, Lela I love you more "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more,and when you look at me I melt, mike asks, 'So now that you've got me, what are you going to do with me?' lea follow me to bed If you're wondering which way to go, she flung around and his neck and kissed him full on the mouth he raised his voice. There's a war going on here!he and Herminia set about gathering up fangs, both pink in the face."". he turned to look at her. Her hand My soul will find yours."Lela You here to finish me off, Sweetheart?mike. And he took her in his arms and kissed they stood high upon the walls You're dangerous."he says you claimed a special place in my heart ,she felt his love increasing she began to believe once more romantic by the way she laughed "I honestly have no idea how to live without you. mike then he looked in her eye and tell her I love you and ask her just be only mine lela this is why I love you so much. Then They slept anyway "They didn’t agree on much. In fact, They fought all the time and challenged each other every day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other
he loved Djibouti and she loved it there. they genuinely love the beach life and being close to the sea.
they buy a house close by to the beach where they enjoy their son grow up so handsome that is why they said love don't have language or color,
and when you fall you don't have the power to stop anyway after A
while they were planing their life how and where they going to leave
her father came into the city looking. For her
of course he was mad at her for what she did
but she is his child so he has to go look for her
the mother push him to look for her so when he came into the city
he stay family friend house and he told him what happened .so they said
we will help you look for her
but what about the child
he said I don't care about the kid
but I want her
so they start looking everywhere
asking people months later they find her
she was at the shop
they grabbed her and kidnapped her
he couldn't do it by himself so they helped
him to take her home
and meanwhile mike is looking for her everywhere
he called his family and friends he didn't know what to do his family advice him to leave city and bring the child with him
his family talk to the immigration so that immigration except him to bring his son
it took him few months, but they come back to New York City he was very worried about her .‘It’s killing him It is very difficult to define the word
but he's family was very happy. And excited about there grandson he said I won't to go back
and find her
but his family were determined for him to stay because of things that are going on
in Somali they fear
you are going to be killed if you go back there
they have their daughter you have your son
he needs you
you will find someone else here
why go back all the way there
just think about your son.
mike said
Hey dad what do you think I should do
his father Andrew said no way you going back there I spent the last night walking like you are there
mike but dad This makes me feel so fucking bad, I feel a sickness
Life was just a sweet suburban. when I was with her It's been like that for such a long time, I cant Change the world but she is my universe Every one of you could be the same, I know the best things in life, I Like a global path It's the painful pages I got to whip it up because that how the man his deal his life
back in saylac Lela was locked in a room for six month and her family tell her if you want to see the light ever again forget About your son and Mike
all those month she was fighting
in and said never ill I forget my son or mike
then they said Rotten in the there
because you will never come out
as long as we are a life
one day when her father was in the jungle she asked her mother
mother am sorry I know I hart you and my father
but what I did is understandable it might not be the first time but
when we were in Djibouti we were happy
we bought a house we start business
we were enjoying our life and planning to be together forever
can you please let me go mother understanding my son needs me
I need him too
the mother said you are breaking my heart
if I let you go how would I know that you are safe
Lela mother I know you love me and I love you too I'm a mother I understand you just like you do understand me
you can come and visit me anytime you like
but my son needs me
I had to go back to him
please let me go before my father comes back
okay she said I don't have enough money but I will give you what i have
go and promise me you will come and visit me or I will she said thank you mother of course for sure you are everything to me just like my son
so she get some water and date cookies and run and run
for days lost so tired Hungary
when she finally saw a track at the road heading to Djibouti
she asked them for help they help her take her to the city
she was lost in the city again but finally she find home but when she was there
she couldn't find her son or mike she cried and cried and start asking the neighbors
there was little store close by where they leave .mike left a letter for information where he went and why and how she could find him
so she called but his mother answer the phone and hang up on her
she knew she didn't tell him for days
until one day her son answer the phone
she talked to him they both cry and talk
she told him everything he said wait for me mommy
I will talk to daddy
we will come back and leave together just like we were before
I was so happy
when we were all together
then the grandmother Kathy came in
and ask who is on the phone
Little Mikel said my father
Kathy okay never-mind
little Mikel wait for his father to come back nervously
when his father came home the little boy start crying and tell he's daddy mommy call
he said okay
I am sorry son but